Warranty Terms for Insurance Customers.

The warranty period begins from the day you receive the replacement unit or the repaired unit. For replacement units, the warranty is twelve (12) months, and for repaired units, there is a warranty period of three (3) months, specifically for the repaired parts.

Scope of Coverage The warranty is only valid at Mobilrepair ApS and covers any deterioration of the unit, except in the cases mentioned below, that occur within the warranty period.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage Include:

  1. Consumable parts such as batteries or protective coatings that naturally deteriorate over time, unless the defect is due to material or manufacturing errors.
  2. Cosmetic damages like scratches, dents, and damage to plastic surfaces.
  3. Damage caused by improper use of the product.
  4. Damages from accidents, misuse, liquids, fire, natural disasters, or other external causes.
  5. Normal wear and tear and natural aging of the device.
  6. Devices with removed or tampered serial numbers.
  7. Damages incurred during service performed by unauthorized third parties.
  8. Damages caused by use not in accordance with the replacement unit’s official guidelines.
  9. Altered units without written permission from the manufacturer.

Liability and Limitations Mobilrepair ApS’s liability under the warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the unit. No refunds or other forms of compensation are provided.

Warranty Claim Procedure To utilize the warranty, you must submit a claim with relevant documentation and a description of the problem. Additional information and time frames for response and repair will be communicated upon submission of the claim.

Warranty Transfer The warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the unit.

Software Updates The warranty does not cover faults caused by subsequent software updates.

Unauthorized Access The warranty is void if the unit has been subjected to unauthorized access or modifications such as jailbreaking or rooting.

Environmental Limitations The warranty does not cover damages caused under extreme environmental conditions like extreme heat, cold, or humidity.

Transportation Under Warranty The customer is responsible for securely packing the replacement unit or the repaired unit for transport to Mobilrepair in case of a warranty claim.

Delivery Terms for Warranty Cases

Once it’s confirmed that a defective unit is covered by the warranty, Mobilrepair will send a replacement unit to the customer.

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